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I've tried to combine a need to inform relatives and friends of how the Niles family has grown, not only personally but from a genealogical point of view. The families names include Niles, Edwards, Osborne, Phelan and Pape to spell out a few, but there are 199 surnames included in the data presented on the following pages. Much of the genealogy data I show was gathered by others who have spent the time in the libraries, the archives and on the microfiche pouring over the census records. Other information was compiled from a mix of sources: the Internet, family bibles, and notes written down as people join groups, such as the DAR or for anniversaries or memorial services.

Family history is often forgotten to be written down for the newer generations, we are trying to do this for our 2 sons, Garrett and Zachary. By looking back at their roots, I hope to keep the photographs updated so you can compare them to their ancestors to see how intertwined the generations and families have become over the years.

Enjoy the sight, let me know what you think and how I can improve it for your use to learn about the Niles - Edwards families. I have receive many e-mail inquiries about family history, I have not personally done most of the research but I can, hopefully, forward your e-mails to the people who have the most knowledge to answer your questions. I also enjoy the e-mails about how our roots join yours. When ever possible I try to incorporate the information into the genealogy tree as it is ever expanding.

Privacy is very important to me and my family. If you see something which you would like removed or blocked from the website please let me know at the this e-mail address I will do my best to remove or change the information as quickly as possible.

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